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Welcome to the website of the North West Region of the Analytical Division (NWAD) of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Our main remit is to promote analytical science across the region by arranging activities for school children, students, practising and retired chemists. We also aim to enhance contact between our ~1,200 members who are spread throughout the region from the Scottish Border to Mid-Wales.

The current region was established over fifty years ago when, in 1966, the former North of England Section of the Society of Analytical Chemistry was split into two sections. More information about the history of our region can be found in the publication below:

A Lifetime of Analysis

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Updated 9 March 2020


NWAD and Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) have worked together for several years to promote H2OWatch (formerly Streamwatch) activities in our region. Much of the work has involved visiting local schools and encouraging youngsters to perform hands-on chemical analysis to provide information on the health of local streams and ponds. MMU has also used the H2OWatch kits to raise public awareness of chemistry at open events and with science clubs and community groups. More recently NWAD and MMU have been working with our regional water company, United Utilities, to develop and expand the H2OWatch programme throughout the region. Based on their advice the kits were re-designed to include other tests and to increase the sensitivity of some measurements. In addition to United Utilities we are also engaging with other interested stakeholders (Greater Manchester Combined Authority, Natural England, Rivers Trust, Enviornment Agency) to promote H2OWatch in our region.

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How H2OWatch was introduced to school
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