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Please note that, although the principles of this activity remain the same, NWAD has now rebranded Streamwatch as H2OWatch.

H2OWatch is a project to encourage involvement in chemical analysis using simple analytical test kits which can be taken into the field to measure various parameters and thus provide information on the health of local streams and ponds.

The kits can be used to measure temperature, pH, alkalinity, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, nitrate/nitrite and phosphate.

We have recently purchased several test kits and these are available on loan (free of charge) to schools, community groups and other organisations in the region.

Please follow the links below if you require further information or would like to borrow one of these kits:

More information about H2OWatch kits

How to borrow a kit

Click here to see a copy of the instruction booklet for the Basic Streamwatch Kit
Basic Streamwatch Kit


Streamwatch was demonstrated at the Manchester Science Festival.

Streamwatch at Manchester Science Festival
Manchester Metropolitan
Saturday 26 October 2013


(formerly Streamwatch)
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